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Spread the Love of Jesus!

A Valentine's Day Mission: Sharing God's Love with Children

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than by spreading the love of Jesus?

CEF South Central is seeking additional resources to educate children about Jesus and train others to do the same. We are collecting donations to help us advance our mission of sharing God's love with children.

As a token of our appreciation, those who make a donation will receive a complimentary Valentine's Day resource to share with the children they know, including an activity book and Bible verse visuals for verses about God’s love!

Join us in spreading God’s love this Valentine's Day!

To let us know you would like the free resource, simply fill out the form after making your donation.

Thank you!

Step 1: Donate any amount

Debit/Credit and PayPal accepted. Tap below to proceed to payment.

Step 2: Request your free resource!

We want to thank you!
Fill out the information below and we will send you a valentine's activity book for the children in your life, helping you continue to share the love of Jesus!
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